Spread Your Own Virus

Monty Python has a sketch set in World War II where British soldiers are armed with a joke that is so funny that it literally kills German Soldiers when whispered in their ear.  

On a similar bent I am wondering if there isn’t an idea that could be spread that is so uplifting, so ebullient and so transcendent in its nature, that it destroys all thoughts of violence, revenge or malice.

If it is not just one idea, phrase or axiom, certainly an ocean of good and powerful ideas could flood the minds of many and turn the tides of war to peace, or at least to armistice.

With so many lives in the balance and with our leaders bickering and warring amongst themselves, it seems impertinent and childish of us to expect them to reach across the aisle when we hold animosity and contempt  in our own hearts for half our population. 

A grass roots movement is almost literal in its accomplishment – the root of everything is your own thought – that is always the beginning- what you reap you sow –  and if you cannot think thoughts of appreciation and solidarity for the people who live in the country – for the people that grow your food –  if you cannot genuflect in front of your seven choices of chard at the Whole Foods, at the very least pause and  give thanks for the farmer, the rancher, the butcher, the teamster the grocer… 

or  at the very, very  least:  hold your tongue. 

Until you can meditate on how fucking wonderful your life is –

and then go dance that mess around …

Let all you emails, tweets and correspondences be stellar in composition and forethought – let your art be something that inspires and uplifts your audience,  let yourself be completely transparent to just one other human being, so when you do look in the mirror, you see the person you have always aspired to be – 

 Right now.      

Do as Neville implores:  Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled!

We all have that opportunity – every day and  in every moment. 

The internet in and of itself  is a wholly benign tool – what do you want to put into it?  Thoughts of  love or thoughts of fear?  Ideas of  solidarity with your fellow travelers or hate speech?  

A dark web world exists and it is our duty now to flip that iceberg upside down and let the divine rays melt the cold hearts underneath that have been so long marginalized and ignored.

Bombard the Internet with nothing but LOVE!

for a virus can kill or a virus can heal –  which will you spread?