Here are some examples of happy accidents.

James and Crash

Renoir was a great portrait artist who would frequently be his own subject matter. When his work wasn’t bringing in much income and he could’t afford a model he would paint his own reflection. I work from photos and am no Renoir but I like how this came out. It helps to have two stellar beasts as subject matter!

Park LaBrea

This milieu is from Park La Brea, an expansive planned development near the museum district in LA – When I first applied paint I dripped some and decided to leave it – it reminded me of a falling apple – ahh mistakes.

Lady Liberty

Inspiration came from an early morning shadow. It made me think of the statue of liberty.

This is what that concept turned into.

In New Mexico they have a huge hatching of moths in the late spring; I mean it’s biblical. Hundreds fill the air for several days and then poof! They are gone. I snapped a pic of this ant on the sidewalk hauling away a wing.
The canvas is 4 ft square. I liked the idea of painting minute subject matter on a huge canvas. I chose neon green for the background as a kind of surreal effect.

As you can see, I’m no portrait artist, but I do like primary colors. The yellow was applied with a small roller around the face and shoulders.