Welcome to "The Age of Discernment."

Just as the Renaissance followed the Black Plague in Europe in the 14th Century, so this post pandemic period can potentially be one where our autonomous perception can be guided by the principals of compassionate justice and our overall personal acumen lionized. Outpictured – this is what an adventurous and satisfying life looks like. Each individual called upon to distinguish for themselves what is the wheat and what is the chaff.

The featured painting represents the higher and lower aspects of our consciousness. The bottom half shows an arid cracked landscape and barren tree rooted in darkness. The top exemplifies the blooming of higher consciousness the Kristos or annointed one if you will. The flowering of humanity and transcendent good, winning the day.

Shadows, Process and Blog

Painting shadows seems easy because you pretty much can’t screw them up. The first painting in the Aggressive Shadows GALLERY is called “Black Worms up a Wall.” It is the quintessential one of the bunch in its garishness and contrast.

I am always interested in other artist’s procedures, ticks and excesses. I enjoy sharing some of mine on the PROCESS PAGE. Thinking about life as process has helped me a lot lately, as well.

I worked for over two decades as an actor in LA. There are a number of different topics explored within the BLOG, one of which is “Life Lessons of a Working Actor.”  Also included is an “Open Letter to Jack Nicholson” and other bits of ephemera that delight or fascinate me.