Life Lessons of a Working Actor with Harrison Ford

I was doing a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Harrison Ford. I was playing a cop and had one line of dialogue. Some other actor was dressed as Chewbaca and was on the roof of the El Capitan Theater in the most touristy part of Hollywood. A big crowd had gathered on the sidewalk. I don’t remember the bit exactly, but I think Chewbaca was suicidal and Harrison had grabbed my bullhorn and was not being very consoling to him. But what I remember most that day was before filming, Harrison says in front of the whole cast and crew: “Alright, let’s go shoot this Piece of Shit.” I remember looking at the writer of the sketch and he looks completely crestfallen. However, in the next moment; he just shrugs his shoulders, as if to say: He’s Harrison Ford, what are ya’ gonna’ do?

Now Harrison is a very affable chap as far as I could see and I don’t think he was being serious, actually I think he was a little high at the time. What I appreciated most was the writer taking it in stride. Life Lesson = don’t be too precious about your work; and don’t ever work with Harrison Ford.